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Gruff: Clash of the Battle Goats Black Friday Bundle!

$ 18.00 $ 45.00

Clash of the Battle Goats is a tactical card game of unstoppable monster goats. A stand-alone game that is compatible with "Gruff!". Clash adds "Starter Cards" which make it an easy way to learn deck-building! 

This bundle Includes a 14x24 inch playmat featuring the "Gruff: Clash of the Battle Goats" shepherds North and Vim facing off. It has a cloth top with a rubber bottom that makes an ideal surface for playing Gruff on. It is also features space markers to help players keep their cards organized. Designed for both a player and an opponent on a single mat.

As an added bonus, you will also get an extra pack of orange sliders to help you customize your battle-goat experience!